An Explanation of Genre Assignments

Genres included in the blog were largely derived from the second edition of Diana Tixier Herald’s Teen Genreflecting: A Guide to Reading Interests.  This book only deals with fiction and books, so for non-fiction and other media the genre/genres assigned to each item closely matches one of Herald’s where possible, and otherwise were created by me with usability in mind.

The format for the Genres is as follows.  Under the heading “Genres” I have listed all the possible Genres from Herald’s book, many of the entries in this blog fit into more than one genre, so they are listed with commas in between.  Where I felt it was necessary, I added additional genres.  I added the genre “Realistic Fiction” because, for those unfamiliar with Herald’s work, many teen novels fit into this category, so I wanted it to be there to make the blog more user friendly.  Also, I added a genre called “Urban Fiction” to some of the titles, as this is a genre I have read about and researched and I feel it warrants being included.

Under the heading “Subgenres/Themes” I have detailed the genres into the subgenres and themes specified by Herald.  I have started with the genre, then a colon for the next level of theme or subgenre and then another colon for a sublevel, where relevant.  For example, the genre section for a book about a teen drug dealer in the inner city would look like this:

Genre: Issues, Realistic Fiction, Urban Fiction

Subgenre/Theme: Issues: Social Concerns: Crime and Criminals


Herald, D. T. (2003). Teen Genreflecting: A Guide to Reading Interests. Westport, CT: Libraries Unlimited, Inc.

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