Drive Me Crazy directed by John Schultz

Bibliographic Information: Schultz, J. (director). 1999. Drive Me Crazy (DVD). Los Angeles, CA: 20th Century Fox.  ASIN: B000YABYLA.  91 minutes. Movie Rating: PG-13.

Plot Summary: High schooler Nicole Maris seems to have it all.  She is popular, and fashionable, she is in charge of the school’s 100 anniversary celebration, which includes a dance.  She has a huge crush on the star basketball player, Brad, who she hopes will take her to the anniversary dance.  Nicole gets the good news from her best friend that her dream date is about to happen, and then fate steps in.  Brad, right in front of Nicole’s eyes, literally falls head over heels in love with a cheerleader during a basketball game, when he stumbles and falls on her.  What is Nicole to do?  Without a date to the dance, she will be humiliated!  And then, she gets a great idea.  Nicole decides that she can turn Chase, her next door neighbor, into the perfect date to make Brad jealous.  Chase, not part of the popular crowd, is more interested in political rallies than pep rallies, and was recently dumped by his girlfriend; dating peppy, popular Nicole will drive his ex crazy.  Will their plan work, backfire, or turn into something neither of them could have imagined?

Critical Evaluation: Drive Me Crazy, based on the novel How I Created My Perfect Prom Date by Todd Strasser, is cute, has its moments, and has some entertainment value, but overall it is fairly predictable.  The main characters are flat but not unlikeable, and the plot takes a few unexpected minor twists.  The movie misses some opportunites, though, when it touches on, but fails to fully make any in depth comment on, popularity, judging people by their appearances, and friendship.  Surprisingly, this movie was on YALSA’s 2010 Fabulous Films for Young Adults list.

Reader’s/Viewer’s Annotation: When the star basketball player and love interest, Brad, fails to ask Nicole to the school dance, she comes up with a plan to drive him crazy by going with her next door neighbor.

Genres: Romantic Comedy

Curriculum Ties: n/a

Reading/Viewing Level: Ages 12 to 16

Challenge Issues:  There are no obvious challenge issues associated with this movie.  Preparation for any challenge can include the librarian’s: reading of the book, adhering to the library’s collection development department, and possessing reviews of the book from well-regarded sources.

Why is this film included? I chose it because it was on YALSA’s 2010 Fabulous Films for Young Adults list.